Consulting of FPP and BAA

Entrance to the new market – is a problem always ambitious and at the same time requiring additional knowledge. Legislation in the field of FPP and BAA registration vary from region to region, and some of requirements sometimes baffled. And not always, unfortunately, the registration process turns out easy and fast. Familiar situation, is not it?

ALTERA PRO specialists know how to go through all these steps involved in new medicines registration in the shortest reasonable period of time (all in full compliance with the law!).

What kind of issues in the field of consulting are included in our competency area:

  • initial registration and re-registration of medicines;
  • introduction amendments to the regulatory documents;
  • provide support in registration, as well as assistance in resolution of disputes.

As a result of our work you get the quickest products input to the promising market! Note that our experience goes beyond above mentioned objectives. And it means that you can turn to us with any issue related to the country's pharmaceutical market.

Be assured - we will find right solution for you!